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New 2021 Member Packages have just launched!

We have frozen our fees and are committed to driving more value to you.

Key Benefits

^Terms and conditions apply.

Why you should join us!

AMA (WA) | Dr David McCoubrie AMA (WA) member since 2006

Dr David McCoubrie

Chair, AMA (WA) Public Hospital Doctors Group

"The AMA (WA) is the most influential voice advocating for hospital doctors. Your employment conditions, your rights, your views need to be represented and supported. Championing the needs of your patients and the system is key. Generations of doctors have found that coming together – with the profession as a whole – is the most effective way to make a difference and drive change. Stand together with your colleagues, and the AMA (WA) will stand with you."

2021 Public Hospital Specialists
Member Package

$144 per month (+GST)

AMA (WA) working for Public Hospital Specialists

  • Holding WA Health accountable for safety in the workplace.
  • Strongly advocating for a replacement Industrial Agreement, which provides permanent employment for senior doctors.
  • Prosecuting any breaches of the current Industrial Agreement.
  • Holding WA Health to account for systemic wage theft and securing repayments for members.
  • Fighting for improved workplace, health and safety conditions for public hospital doctors.
  • Advocating on key health system issues such as capacity, ambulance ramping and mental health attendees at emergency departments.
  • Advice and support though performance and disciplinary processes.
  • Negotiating Enterprise Bargaining Agreement and Industrial Agreements that apply to rural doctors employed by WA Health, Royal Flying Doctor Service and St John of God Healthcare.

Support and Representation

The Australian Medical Association (WA) negotiates employment terms and conditions on behalf of public hospital doctors in the State. The Association also provides individual advocacy and representation as well as broader health system advocacy, all of which has resulted in better working and professional conditions for doctors and improved outcomes for their patients.

We protect the professional and industrial interests of more than 5,000 doctors who work in WA’s public health system.

The AMA (WA) meets monthly with the State Health Minister and the Director General of WA Health to advocate on behalf of members in relation to individual, departmental and system-wide issues.

The views and opinions of public hospital doctors in WA are presented to the AMA (WA) through the Public Hospital Doctors Group, which meets monthly.

*Monthly fee has been rounded to closest dollar. Fees for public practice specialists is $1723.64 per annum excluding GST, and can only be applied if you possess an ABN. The annual fee including GST is $1896.