AMA (WA) | Member Benefits
AMA (WA) | Member Benefits

2021 AMA (WA) Membership Packages

The Australian Medical Association (WA) represents the interests of doctors across the WA health system. We advocate. We represent. We influence attitudes. And we steer change. On a more personal level, the AMA (WA) puts you – the doctor – first. Recognising that we are nothing without our members, we have introduced a suite of initiatives and benefits to show you how membership of the AMA (WA) represents more value than ever before.

AMA (WA) for doctors, for health

Providing leadership during COVID-19

  • Protected doctors and frontline clinicians by successfully lobbying for timely access to appropriate PPE during a global shortage.
  • Drove change to Medicare to include telehealth as an essential medium for delivering healthcare during COVID-19, with other major strides in digital health innovation in the works.
  • We successfully lobbied the State Government to use border controls, quarantine measures and face masks as effective tools to flatten the curve in WA.
  • Facilitated the safe resumption of elective surgery through our strong advocacy with government.

Securing entitlements and enforcement of your workplace rights

  • We rejected the State Government’s Enterprise Bargaining Agreement offer as it failed to acknowledge our key claims, including permanency for senior doctors, portability of entitlements for doctors in training and specialist recognition for all specialist practitioners.
  • We demanded and won the repayment of overtime for underpaid doctors, payslip miscalculations, and non-compliance on agreed awards.
  • Held government to account for staffing shortages, staff burnout and ambulance ramping issues.


The leading voice in public health policy

  • Advocating for increased investment in mental health, resulting in a larger financial commitment by the State Government.
  • Leading the discussion on ambulance ramping to derive better outcomes for the community and healthcare workers.
  • Advocating for a standalone hospital for women and newborns.
  • Leading the charge on public health issues including obesity, tobacco control and the state vaccination policy.

Driving change for doctors nationally

  • Delivered extensive changes and updates to the Fees List in response to the MBS Review recommendations.
  • Opposed proposals to down-schedule medicines from prescription-only to pharmacist products, which would have compromised patient safety.
  • Advocating for increased funding for public hospitals – the AMA Public Hospital Report Card found declining patient access to public hospital treatment.
  • One of the strongest voices in aged care, with an array of submissions, participation in the Aged Care Royal Commission and ongoing work to define the future needs of geriatric and palliative services.
AMA (WA) | Membership Packages

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